The Courage to Change Everything

The Courage to Change Everything

Awaken Your Inner Genius, Find Your Courage and Transform Your Life with this Revolutionary Daily Guide

Are you ready to increase your awareness, evolve and allow your business and life to expand exponentially? Will you commit to living from your highest values, develop your intuition and bring forth your brilliance in a greater way?

Are you willing to see how taking 100% responsibility for everything that is showing up in your world will completely change your life for the better? Will you do whatever it takes to gently master yourself?

If so, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. I know at this very moment you are capable of achieving extraordinary feats by harnessing the unlimited power of courage. I know this because even though we haven’t met yet, we have a lot in common as spiritual beings who are truly courageous just for being born on this planet during this time.

There are many superficial self-help books and programs that give readers the 10 or 12 step way to fix your business or life instantly. There are many newly appointed coaches and self-appointed consultants giving quick fix blanket solutions to challenges that take contemplation, understanding and individualized actions to overcome. Although quick-fixes exist sometimes, I have found you must do your own inner work if you are to find lasting success.

My success in business and life didn’t come by quick fixes, luck or by accident. They were chosen and created. I did the work, tuned into courage and learned to master myself. Permanent success won’t come to you either unless you set your intention to master your mind and yourself.

When you do, you can realize your magnificence and highest potential. This is done by focused consistent efforts. Success cannot be purchased or given, it must be acquired by patient daily actions. Then all you desire will be yours in time. The daily strategies in this book will help you achieve this end.

I should give you a warning though. As you read, I can assure you that some of your beliefs will be challenged. Some of your emotional upsets may disappear. Some of your disempowering habits will no longer be useful. As your inner state of being transforms, you may start to perceive the world differently.

Why? Because, the more brilliant your thoughts become, the brighter the world will look and the more charismatic you will be. In fact, daily doses of the courage found by tapping into the Wisdom Self may uplift you to see the unseen, know the unknown, and make the impossible possible.

My prayer for you my dear brilliant readers, is that you will be comforted in the challenging times and turn the pages daily to open up your genius and help make the world a better place for all.

“The Courage to Change Everything is an inspired piece of work. It will guide you on what may be the most important journey of your life. The inner journey to connect with your courage and design your destiny. It will awaken your spirit and inspire you to overcome the challenges facing you. If you are looking to advance your thinking and evolve your life, get this book.”

– Lisa Nichols
Founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc.
New York Times Best-Selling Author

“What life wouldn’t be better by studying the daily courage reminders in Ken D Fosters excellent new book The Courage to Change Everything? Courage is a quality we ALL need in today’s changing world and Ken reminds you every day how to achieve it.”

–Robert Allen, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute Millionaire

“As a lighthouse is a beacon, so this book will call forth the wisdom of the soul. Within its pages, is the route to a victorious life.” When I read and edited this book it filled me with joy. I have never had such an experience editing a book.”

– Lindsay Howett, Editor

“Ken Foster’s new book, The Courage to Change Everything, will take you on a journey of awareness, action and change that will make you a better version of yourself. It’s for anyone that wants more wealth, happiness and prosperity in their business and life. He will teach you how to achieve extraordinary feats by harnessing the power of courage. I recommend that you read his book and work your way through the many practical suggestions that he provides. You’ll see amazing changes in your life.”

David Riklan
Founder –
Over 100 Million Visitors Since 1995

“The currency of courage is an essential tool for individuals and organizations who are looking to create quantum success in today’s highly evolving and changing business environments. Ken D Foster has given readers a road map to increase courage in business and everyday life and therefore become more authentic, creative and prosperous. Anyone who reads and incorporates these principals in their organization will have major positive changes now and in the future.”

-Christy Whitman
New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Art of Having It All


“Ken D Foster shows us how unleashing courageous thinking is the way to have a highly successful business and life. This solution-oriented book is an enlightened read for anyone who is ready to create new patterns of behavior, increase performance, and cement the benefits of courage, trust and creativity into their life. If you are ready for a new paradigm, then read this book. It is brilliant!”

– Mark Robert Waldman
Executive MBA Faculty, College of Business
Loyola Marymount University
Author of 14 Books

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“The Courage to Change Everything is filled with time-honored wisdom along with easy to implement daily strategies for authentic success. This book offers a journey into excellence, showing you how to live in courageous and magical ways.”

–Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“The Courage to Change Everything is not just for business leaders and entrepreneurs, but for every individual who is choosing to grow their life. This book will help anyone stay highly motivated, living their dreams, and generating wealth in all areas of life.” I encourage you to pick up this book and start living your potential.”

–John Assaraf, NY Times bestselling author, Chairman & CEO NeuroGym

“Ken D Foster’s book bridges the gap between fear and fearless living. He shows you how to tap into your inner wisdom, increase courage, build on it, and bring it into every aspect of your business and life. He provides a roadmap for accelerating success by helping you tap into your deeper soulful self to find the courage to change what you thought was impossible to change.”

–Bill Bartmann, Best-Selling Author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, CEO of CFS2

“The Courage to Change Everything will guide you on what may be the most important journey of your life – the inner journey to find out who you are, what you want your business and life to be about, and what is possible if you live a life of courage. This book shows you how courage makes the invisible visible, the unknown known, and the impossible possible.”

–Helice “Sparky” Bridges, Founder Difference Makers International, Empowered 40 million people so far

“True success doesn’t come at the expense of yourself or others. It’s the result of aligning with your highest values and implementing strategies that are for the highest good of all. Ken D Foster has beautifully aligned head and heart with daily words of wisdom that we all can use. If you apply the principals in this book, true success is guaranteed.”

–Cynthia Kersey, Best Selling Author, Unstoppable, Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Foundation

“The Courage to Change Everything” is a great find for anyone who wants to have more wealth, happiness and prosperity in their business and life. It provides a road map to peak performance, both for individuals and organizations. This is a must read for all aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams come true and contribute in a big way.”

–Lisa Sasevich, Best Selling Author, America’s Top Women Mentor

“This is the book whose time has come. It speaks to the heart of problems facing many, and delivers the path to sustainable solutions. This isn’t a book you have to read cover to cover, it delivers bits size pieces that are easy to understand and implement. I recommend this book.”

– Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Courage is a critical competency for all who are looking to stay competitive in these highly evolving and changing business environments. Ken D Foster provides a clear road map to access this along with the necessary confidence to live a more authentic, creative and fulfilling life. It’s time. It’s your time and here’s how.”

– Marcia Wieder
CEO of Dream University
Best-Selling Author of DREAM

The Courage to Change Everything - book by Ken D Foster

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