The Courage to Change Everything

About Ken D Foster

kenKen is a best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Strategist and Intuitive Mentor who delivers high energy messages that empower audiences to live courageously, tune into their brilliance, and maximize potential.

For an amazing 21 years, Ken has led organizations to take the courageous path, expand their limitations, free their spirit to bring harmony and bottom-line results. He is one of the most dynamic, authentic, and powerfully moving speakers in the world.

He has a real gift for moving people into action. Ken specializes in motivating world-class service based businesses, executive teams, entrepreneurs, leaders, and teachers and he does it extremely well.

He is the founder and President of Premier Coaching a business coaching, mentoring and training organization. Having logged thousands of hours working with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Individual Executives and Senior Professionals.

Ken has developed science based, highly practical solutions for stimulating human potential, personal balance, team and organizational productivity, time management and mindful communication.

Ken’s personal story serves as the foundation for his courageous message; starting as a gas station attendant and fighting his way out of a dysfunctional childhood and multiple failures then rising to start and run a 200 million dollar securities business.

At the top of his career he falls from grace into “the dark night of the soul” and then recovers his inner strength, finding courage to discover his true gifts and driving passion which leads him into great success, happiness and fulfilled in business and life.