Congratulations on Taking This Courageous Journey.

Thank you for purchasing “The Courage to Change Everything!” I am humbled and pleased you found it a worthy addition to your reading library.

No matter what level of achievement you have attained, if you submerge your mind daily in astute wisdom, courageous strategies, and time-tested wealth principles, you will redefine what is possible for you. The bonuses below are being given to you to supplement the book and help you attain greatness in every aspect of your life.


Ken D Foster

High Frequency Broadcast Technique Bonus:

Click HERE to download the High Frequency Broadcast Technique,ebook.

Listen to the High Frequency Broadcast Technique audio below:

Release Renew Bonus:

Courage to Change Audio Bonus:

The Courage to Overcome Fear - with Marci Shimoff

The Courage to Overcome Adversity - with Bill Bartman

The Courage to Find Your Calling - with Peggy McColl