Your Master Class Instructor

Nancy Erickson
The Book Professor

Topic: How to Structure Your Nonfiction Book to Become a Bestseller

You will learn:

  • 12 Foundational Questions to get started
  • How to structure a Purpose Statement
  • A simple way to prevent writers block
  • The value of BookMAPs
  • The most important thing about writing a book

About Nancy

Nancy Erickson is known as The Book Professor because she helps people who aren’t writers become authors of high-impact nonfiction books that can change lives, save lives, or transform society. She works with public speakers, coaches, physicians, attorneys, financial planners, small and large business owners, and everyday individuals to translate their unique message into a book that can change the world, one reader at a time. All you need is an idea for your book to get started.

Using a step-by-step process that Nancy developed, you will construct a BookMAP that allows you to write and publish your book in an organized and efficient manner. Your finished book can establish you as an expert in their field, increase your credibility, and attract a following, and because of the process Nancy developed, it can be re-purposed for workshops, speaking engagements, seminars, podcasts, blog posts, and online classes.

Nancy Erickson is the owner of three book-related businesses: The Book Professor, Stonebrook Publishing, and